• Why we need criticism in our daily life

There are basically two kinds of people in this world, first who takes criticism in a negative way and ends up losing hope or even refuses to try again. Second who takes criticism as a source of motivation to work harder. Big or small everyone makes mistakes, after all we are human beings. The only thing that really matters is a person’s mentality. Remember there is no such thing as perfect, there is only improvement and getting better or you can say road to perfection. Even Albert Einstein, Sachin Tendulkar, who are one in a billion, were criticised in many ways even by the people from whom they expected the most.

It’s a long journey making it to the top level, obviously, there will be haters and doubters who would criticise you, try to pull you down sometimes even cross the line. It’s just a simple truth, that’s the way it is. When you tell people about your dreams you get goose bumps, you feel stronger and motivated, the only negativity that stands in your way is when you know the person is taking you for a fool. That’s when you know that your dreams really are big enough to scare others. Always remember sometimes life is about risking everything for a dream no one can see but you.

 Why you need criticism.

• Another reason to work harder
• Feedback helps you improve
• Your work is getting more attention
• Criticism is a form of honesty

 The worst enemy you have is right in your head!

Hamza Ghazi

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