12 Reasons why fitness is really important.

Below are 12 Reasons why fitness is really important in football.

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1. Impressive performance for a talent. 

  • As they say, hard work always beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard. Having good fitness gives you the extra ability to perform your skills better, shoot more accurately and with good power etc.
  • If you’re talented but you don’t have fitness, chances are you’ll lose the possession, be substituted or play later on in the final minutes.

2. Confidence is the key.

  • We all know confidence comes with good experience. It also plays a major role in every player’s life. A confident player will always expect more and more success and responsibility for the team, while a player who is not confident will always feel unworthy or incapable of stepping up his game.
  • Confident players always have a good leadership quality.
  • Check out this post on self-confidence.

3. Impressive individual work rate.

  • Giving good individual work rate for your team will always get you more and more playing time. What a coach usually wants is his players to prove themselves not just once but again and again.
  • Another reason to give a good work rate is you’ll always attract fans and come into notice of your respective national team scouts.

4. More communication leads to more teamwork.

  • You communicate almost every min during the match, a lot of energy is utilized on the field by the process of communication. Players motivate each other, call for the ball and even warn their teammates about the man on situations.
  • This can also increase the players bonding with each other which can decide a match.

5. Counter attacks.

  • The key to a good counter attack goal is speed and finishing. There are many teams who take an extra advantage of their fast players and play counter attacking football.
  • Corner kicks, set pieces, penalties are few examples in which counter happens.

6. Reserved stamina and energy.

  • The best of players always reserve their energy and explosive powers for the right time during the match.
  • Counter attacks, headers, shots and making runs are some of the examples. One of the major reason why fitness is really important is when it is a knockout match, you’ve got to have your reserved energy and stamina for the extra time, two halves of 15 mins each, and then penalties if drawn.

7. More physical fitness gives you more mental fitness.

  • If you have good fitness you’ll always feel confident and find yourself demanding for the ball, making runs even going in for the headers.
  • It is a  part of the mental fitness, if you’re already mentally tired you cannot expect to contribute to the team. As a result, you’ll be substituted or make a negative image of yourself.

8. Fall back on counters.

  • Counter requires speed and endurance, so it’s understood you need speed to stop speed. All the players especially the last man need to sprint at their top speed in order to stop or catch up with the counters.
  • Corner kicks, set pieces, penalties are few examples in which counter happens.

9. Possession and player markings.

  • Not many teams play possession football but those who do, they have to make runs, find spaces, create chances, communicate to each other, demand for the ball and do many other things which involve fitness.
  • Another thing which takes up a good fitness level is marking players mainly during corners and set piece.
  • Marking players involve pulling jersey, blocking the ball, shoulder pushes, winning headers. This needs not just physical fitness but physical strength too.

10. Fitness according to positions.

  • Each and every position requires different-different skills and techniques since they have their own specialised roles that too depending on whether the are winning or not.
  • Box to box players and the full backs are the ones who need the most physical fitness as they have to go up and down during the whole match.
  • A forward must have quick judgements, reactions and the ability to find holes in the opposing defence.

11. Improvement in beep tests.

  • Beep test is one of the most common tests used almost in every fitness needed sport. Mainly to test and improve the athlete’s stamina and fitness.
  • This not only requires physical fitness but mental fitness too.
  • A player’s performance and confidence can be boosted up when they know what their fitness score is.

12. Referees need fitness too.

  • Imagine referees missing out on important judgements of the match and because of it fans go crazy and end up fighting with opponent team’s fans.
  • Players might get a little break during the match but the referees have to go up and down in order to give out the correct judgements.
  • Referees conduct regular beep tests for their fitness.



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