7 world class strikers who named Sergio Ramos as their toughest rival 

Real Madrid captain Sergio Ramos is rated as the best defender in the world football, many players struggle in big games, while others just thrive for it, but who is the first player that comes to your mind when it matters the most? It’s none other than Sergio Ramos. Here are 7 world class strikers who named Sergio Ramos as their toughest rival.


Luis Suarez in March 2016

When asked in an interview with Mundo Deportivo about who was his toughest opponent till date, the Barca star chose Real Madrid captain Sergio Ramos.

He said “Sergio Ramos is the toughest I have come up against, he is very strong and is also very experienced and competitive defender.”

Neymar Jr. in August 2015

Neymar described Real Madrid defender as his toughest opponent he had faced in his career, team-mates Javier Mascherano and Gerard Pique also earned Neymar’s appreciation alongside national team mate Thiago Silva.

Sergio Agüero in September 2015

Manchester City star Sergio Agüero answered to users questions on official facebook page of uefa.com, revealing who is his favourite player, which player he admires and dreads facing.

When asked who was his toughest defender at the moment, he responded, “Sergio Ramos, he’s tough.”

Thomas Muller in July 2017

Bayern Munich striker Thomas Muller revealed his toughest defenders. Fellow team-mate Mats Hummels and Real Madrid captain Sergio Ramos to be among the finest defenders in the world football.

He said “Of course, Real Madrid won three Champions League titles, I think Sergio Ramos is one top level defender.”

Radamel Falcao in April 2016

It’s not easy to forget that once he was a world class striker. Rated 90 in FIFA 14, and having scored 70 goals in 91 appearances for Atletico Madrid. It clearly showed he was amongst the top strikers in the world.

In an interview with Goal, when asked about his toughest opponent he said, “Sergio Ramos is the toughest defender I have faced. He is a great defender and a very complete player.”

Antoine Griezmann in March 2017

The 26 year old Atletico Madrid and French international striker named the toughest defenders he has faced. Former Real Madrid duo Sergio Ramos and Pepe are the toughest defenders he has faced.

He said, “Ramos and Pepe are very strong, they are fast and the aerial game is good.”

Edin Džeko in November 2016

On the official site of AS Roma, Dzeko stated that It’s difficult to say. When asked about the toughest defender he has faced. “I have played against so many good defenders. sometimes it was much harder to play against smaller teams, against defenders who are not so popular like the other defenders, so I don’t know about the strongest.”

He said, “If I had to pick one I would perhaps say Sergio Ramos, I have played against him so many times for Manchester City, Roma and the national team. He is definitely up there with the best defenders I have faced.”

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