8 good and interesting things for the 2017/18 season

8. VAR, (Video Assistant Referees)!

The team is comprised of the video assistant referee himself (who’ll be a current or former referee), his assistant and a replay operator. They are located in  a video operation room which is essentially a bank of monitors offering different camera angles. Each time a referee would get a wrong decision we can expect the pundits for their introduction.

7. Sleeves Sponsors!

Liverpool has already secured $6.5m per year for the next five years from financial services firm Western union. The main sponsors emblazone the front jerseys, the clubs are now allowed to sell the space on the left sleeves to commercial backers. The right sleeves will be featuring the league’s logo.

6. Wembley!

Premier League matches will be played for the first time in soccer’s national stadium of England giving the league’s biggest ever crowds. Wembley was taken temporarily by Tottenham for its european matches last season and went out of the champions league winning only one of their three home games. If the league last season was only based on home games then Spurs would have won the title by two points.

5. Many Record Transfers!

Club’s breaking their own fee records, Manchester City spending 100m on defenders. Lukaku living up to his expectations, Morata proving his worth after becoming Chelsea’s club-record transfer. This transfer market came in a shock with so many unexpected and money spending moves. Neymar making it to the most expensive player ever with a reported fee of £222m.

4. New pitch designs!

The Premier league recently updated on their official website about suspending all the designs and unusual pitch patterns. Now all the clubs will follow the standard pitch design regulations issued in UEFA’s club manual for the Champions League teams. The manual demands all the teams to have straight lines, across the width of the pitch and perpendicular to the touchline.

3. Christmas time with more games than ever!

As the season will be finishing early to prepare for the World cup in Russia next summer. Christmas time will be even busier with five dates distributed for the Premier League matches between December 15th till the New Year. There will also be a match on January 1st and then F.A cup 3rd round just five days later.

2. More Friday night Premier League games!

This season started for the first time on a Friday with Arsenal facing Leicester City at Emirates Stadium. The as usual weekend Saturday starts are no longer set in stone. There were only 12 matches played throughout the last season and it’s expected to rise more this season.

1. 2 match ban for diving!

You would agree this is probably the best decision of this season. Handing out a 2 match ban to the players who would dive. Any player who will dive to get a penalty or get the other player sent off, this incident would be reviewed by a former player, former manager and a former referee, diving player would be charged if a unanimous decision is taken by these three-men panel. FA will only review the cases brought to their attention.

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