Dani Carvajal- Most impressive Right back right now

Dani Carvajal is one of the best RB right now. Great strength, good pace and dribbles but the best part is that he defends excellently. He also has good passing skills.

We’re talking about right backs, so defensive skills should be of the biggest importance while trying to pick one, and he’s really solid defensively. I don’t remember who was the last player that Carvajal struggled against and whether these are the likes or Ribery or other, not so great players, he’s always on top of his game, concentrated and anticipating the moves of the opponents. He’s brilliant in 1-on-1 situations with the wingers and his sliding tackle ability is second to none.

While these are obviously defensive skills that should be taken into consideration in the first place when talking about defenders, he would never been as impressive if it wasn’t for his ability to support his team in attack. Although he’s not a speed demon, he’s fast enough to successfully sprint down the flank and send quality crosses into the box. He’s also good with the ball at his feet and never panics. He’s capable of being a part of really nice one-two combinations and avoiding the pressure of the opposing team.

In addition to winning titles, Carvajal said his individual goals could include taking over as captain.


“It would be a lie if I said I hadn’t thought about it. Being Real Madrid captain is something which everyone dreams of,” he said. “But you have to think about the present. Sergio Ramos is the captain and if the day arrives, it’ll be a long time from now. And obviously I would be delighted.”

  • Check Carvajal’s best defensive skills.


He’s still very young yet one of the most experienced right backs. He has already had an impressive number of trophies under his belt. I don’t think there is any other right back at a similar stage of his career that already has three Champions League titles won and also played a major role in the finals. He learned a lot from his predecessor, Alvaro Arbeloa and other fellow, more experienced defenders like Ramos, Pepe, or Marcelo. On top of that, the season he spent in Germany playing for Bayern Leverkusen helped him grow a lot as a player. He then came back to his home club and proved to be one of the most promising and now established players in his position.

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  1. Hello, that’s correct he is the currently one of the best right back . He along with Marcelo both are very good defensively and for counter attacks with their dribells and ability to cover ground quickly.

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