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The founder : It is not an easy task becoming a pro it takes years and years of hard work and practice. Going out on the field and sweating every single day, taking no day off is when a person is known to be dedicated to his dream. Even through football has taken over every other sport in this country there’s still a huge amount of work needed to be done.

Good Resources are only provided by the private clubs as compared to the government clubs. And the no. of talented youngsters is very high. Not every youngster can afford to have proper full time training in good private clubs. A plus point is that there are some clubs both private and government owned who are giving scholarships to the well deserved players.

Everyday is a chance to get better.  Everyday is an opportunity and every player wants to improve. Sad to say there are just a few who really want to make a difference, others just dream of it. You’ve got to prove yourself. Most importantly you’ve got to prove it to the right people that yes! You are worth having their support. Apart from this, Your circle plays a very important role in your life. Always stay around the people who are going to help you step up and not pull you down.