The Fox in the Box | Analysis of Cristiano Ronaldo's Off-the-Ball Movement

The Fox in the Box | Analysis of Crisiano Ronaldo’s Off-the-Ball Movement

This 3 minute video was enough to convince me that Ronaldo is always one step ahead of most of the players in the box when it comes to outsmart them in off the ball movements.




The way he hits the ball, its ridiculously hard to stop, whether its a long shot, tap ins or aerial balls. There is so much pace and usually dip and swerve its a goalkeeper’s nightmare.

Cristiano Ronaldo has excellent movements and instincts in the box. But that must not detract from the talents and abilities of the players behind him both in his national and club side. They are the ones who do thd excellent build up and then provide the perfect crosses and assists into him. He has been tremendous for Madrid ever since he arrived.

He is an insane goal scoring machine. But his pace, speed and quick feet back when he played for Man United were really pleasant to watch. He has completely changed his style of play to break all the records. Looking at his stats in Madrid, he has been absolutely incredible.

He is also the favourites to win the FIFA Ballon d’Or 2016-17 which would be his fifth one. The only player who has more Ballon d’Or than Ronaldo is his rival Lionel Messi.

He has been criticised over and over again by fans, coaches sometimes even players. They would say he can’t dribble now, only score tap ins or penalties. For this I’ve come down to one unshakeable conclusion for Ronaldo’s haters. They will never be convinced of his greatness despite the obviousness of it. You can throw out facts, numbers, fact that he has more goals in the knockout stages of the UCL/European Cup than anybody in history, Not to mention he is the only player to score in three champions league finals.

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