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Top 20 rags to riches stars 2017

Everyone loves a good story of rags to riches and there are a bunch when it comes to the world of football. From extreme poverty to self made, here are…Read more.

•Winners never quit

That’s true, everybody knows winners never quit they are the reason people start pushing themselves they are the reason why youngsters stay motivated and get inspiration..Read more




Footballers and Cricketers appreciating each other on social media is one fine thing which makes a sports fan happy. It doesn’t matter whom they idolize or what their respective sport is…Read more


Top 20 Football academies in the world 2017


With financial Fair Play and an abundance of nationality quotas to fill. Football clubs are becoming more and more concerned about starting up their own production line. ..Read more


•Criticism is must

There are basically two kinds of people in this world, first who takes criticism in a negative way and ends up losing hope or even refuses to try again. Second who takes criticism as a source of motivation to work harder. Big or small everyone makes mistakes, after all we’re human beings..Read more


Top 20 Hottest Football Wags 2017


Image result for football wagsToday we take a look at some of the hottest Wags in football. The list is random so don’t take the numbering as hotness meter. We tried to dig up a few sites to get this information which might or might not be accurate.  But one thing is for sure, These women are HOT… Read more

 How can I stay focused?

  • Being focused and wanting to be focused is a different thing. It’s just a matter of priorities. Read more


How can I hold on after all this?

Sooner or later every person goes through difficult time, some people overcome their sufferings and some never move on that depends on the level of sufferings one can take..Read more


Richest football clubs in the world 2017

Image result for richest football clubs in the worldDeloitte has released the 20th edition of its famous Football Money League, which analyses the highest-earning clubs in the world. Real Madrid topped the table last year but did Barcelona..Read more

Aubameyang – Real Madrid either PSG?

Image result for aubameyang photosYou could say the 27-year-old has had one of the best 18 months of his career in Germany. No doubt Dortmund would be looking for any less than £70M for his services.Its hard to say there are not many clubs.Two of the best to certainly fit this amount of bill for… Read more



Get latest football news, scores, results, rumors