How can I hold on after all this?







Sooner or later every person goes through difficult time, some people overcome their sufferings and some never move on that depends on the level of sufferings one can take. There are people who are mentally strong but emotionally weak while some are emotionally strong and mentally weak. One should never forget how hard they have worked to reach at this level. I believe that god tests people with hardships and if one gives up during his toughest time, its clear that all of this wasn’t worth it. Remember only the strong survive, and the strongest takes the win.

Hold on because we only lose in life if we don’t love ourselves and don’t appreciate how wonderful life can be on the other side of what we’re going through.

Likely, you will find situations in your life where you will have to do and face things that you probably don’t deserve. Everyone deals with unwanted troubles. How we deal with them makes the difference between each one of us. Struggles have always made a successful person who they are right now. So whatever your problem, your sufferings, or your situation, remember that everything passes. Nothing in life is permanent except death. You could be the person who you want to be, and your experiences will give you the necessary strengths to live the life you dream about.

If you’re also going through a hard time, Always remember:

Even when you think you are lost, hold on.
When you feel all alone, hold on.
If you love someone who doesn’t love you, hold on.
If you are ill and you cannot see the light, hold on.
If you have lost everything you care about, hold on.
If you feel you are less than anyone, hold on.
If you’re not sure you have any reason to live, hold on.



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