Mourinho: I will pick the strikers based on their form

The 35-year-old striker, who recently re-signed for United on a one-year deal earlier this week, is in a good shape after recovering from damaging ligaments in his knee in April.

Ibrahimovic’s return will force Mourinho to choose between the him, new signing Romelu Lukaku and Marcus Rashford up front, and the United boss is adamant he will pick his strikers based on their form.

Mourinho recently said in an interview with skysports,

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“Zlatan knows me and he knows that I play the players that I think are best for the team,”I have always done that.”

“So if he comes here and he proves he is the best, he plays. If the other ones don’t give him a chance to prove, that is life.”

“But I always try to be honest with my team. Maybe sometimes I don’t always do the correct things but I always try.”

Following the departure of Wayne Rooney to Everton, the signing of Ibrahimovic once again gives Mourinho three strikers to choose from. He feels that depth will be important if United are to challenge for trophies in multiple competitions this season.

Mourinho again stated,

“My squad is better for sure. It has one more option, one more striker, one more experienced player and one more player that can play nine or ten, and one more player that can play as a shadow striker.”

“We have lots of matches to play. If we progress in the Champions League and in one of the cups, we will be in a position where we can not do it with only Lukaku and Rashford, especially if I play both together.

“If I play with both, I would need another striker so probably in January I would be knocking on Ed Woodward’s door asking for a striker for the second part of the season.

“Now I don’t need to knock on the door. I have one of the best in the world.”

“Everyone knows I would like a fourth player and I cannot hide that because I had that in my mind. “But I am happy if I am not going to have that. I was the first to tell my board not to feel any kind of pressure from me in that respect.”

“Probably next summer, we will get a player from a position I think can make us stronger.”

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