My thoughts on what makes Lionel Messi an extraordinary talent

After Messi’s performance against Juventus last night I wanted tos share My thoughts on what makes Lionel Messi an extraordinary talent. Leo is not just a forward, but also plays as a creative, playmaking midfielder to give the extra boost to his team.

Thought 1.

My first thought is “THE PLEDGE

The magician shows you something ordinary. He starts the run at a minimal pace, straight at you. You are backing off gently or just covering your territory because it doesn’t make any sense to move. There is nothing alarming about the situation- you’ve been in plenty of such situation one on one with other attackers before.He is getting closer to you, into your territory,where you feel comfortable and want him to be. It’s almost as if he is inviting you to inspect the ball, to win it off him.But of-course ,that probably isn’t his intentions.

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Thought 2.

My second thought is “THE TURN”

The magician takes the ordinary run and makes it somewhat extraordinary. Shifting his body weight on his left side, he takes a couple of strides away fro you. Now you are looking for the reason but you won’t find it, because of course you are not really thinking. In fact you are confident that you can track him and win the ball with your stronger right foot. You know he is going to bamboozle you. But you wouldn’t clap yet. You are waiting for him to falter, take a touch too heavy. And then you decide it’s time to intercept and stretch your right leg forward into the path of magician.

Thought 3.

And that’s where he pull off this hardest part, what we call “THE PRESTIGE”

Your right foot is on his path, where you want it to be. He is more ingenious than you think and quick too. With a simple flick, he has put the ball into that minuscule pocket of space between your rooted right foot and next defender at whom he has already set his eye on.And then he jumps and glides over your challenge, that low center of gravity helping him regain his composure and the ball. Once completely in control of the situation, he proceeds on to the next guy and then next and so on and so forth. All you can see is the back side of his number 10 jersey with a name written on it, “MESSI”

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