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All of us were told of the story when Arjuna hit the bird just by focusing on its shadow in the story “The eye of the bird”. That’s the power of focus. When your mind is devoted on the things which matters the most to you, it would itself start working out the ways to achieve those goals. However, Rahul Dravid a well known Indian cricket sensation back in the early days used to say that focus has a lot to do with the ability to switch on and off which really means that you should know when to focus and when to relax your mind.










Don’t strain your mind too much as it would kill the instincts and creativity.

When you clearly focus on your goals there’s not a single thing that can stop you from achieving those goals. Yes nobody but you yourself. It is extremely important to be completely focused on your task. Getting distracted or worrying about other things while you’re at it shows you need to improve your focus. It takes a lot of time to develop that focus and nothing but a second to break it.

Once it’s broken you got to start again and believe me its okay to fail. Practise hard to develop your focus and go for your dream, a dream but none but you can see. And that my friend is the power of focus.

This article was written by Shreyans Salecha


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