Promotions- 6 effective ways to promote your club

Most aspects of any business in the world depend on their successful marketing. I hate to break it to you but having talented players and money is just not enough to stand out from the crowd. If you’re starting out or don’t know where to start, here are Promotions- 6 effective ways to promote your club

Here are my bright ideas.


1. Online Startup

  • The first thing someone would do when they want to know more about your club is obviously they’ll hit up mother google
  • The Internet is the main priority of getting information for almost everybody. This is exactly why you need to start online.
  • During this digital age, your marketing strategy should be clever enough to engage modern fans and their wanting.


2. Always attend networking events/meetings and give out seminars/presentations.

  • If you’ve been attending events or meetings, slowly you’ll realise that people attend events just to meet other people in the same field. This can be a boost to your business.
  • Discussing doubts and new ideas during meetings and events will always help the staff and the players to open up to each other. This can increase the bonding between players on and off the field.
  • A presentation is a good way to give out individual responsibilities and a great way to express your ideas.



3. Give away as club promotions.

  • On a regular basis it can seriously boost up the standard of your club and it’s reputation in the market.
  • Give away will obviously increase the traffic and views on your websites or channels thus increasing your club’s popularity.
  • Help a local project, clean up a park, have your team volunteer in an old-folks home, collect money for a good cause or anything that improves your local environment.


4. Attract local media.

  • Getting your stories into local radios, newspapers and magazines is all about cultivating relationships with big names in your city.
  • Young kids admire the rising stars and talents from the same city, that’s another way to attract schools and demand of your club in the local media.
  • To interact with the media its really important to learn to write proper media press releases.


5. Build an Email newsletter.
















  • Even through an old technology in the internet years, email still continues to be a major marketing tool for businesses.
  • MailChimp are one such providers for these newsletters which help you set up and manage professional l email newsletters including list management, email template builders and more.
  • Other people are the same. If they opt to sign up to your email list, this is a huge indicator of trust and interest and you should treat those people with the respect they deserve.


6. Word of mouth marketing.

  • Before getting all fancy with social media why not use the oldest ever method of marketing known to mankind? mouth to mouth publicity have a large impact especially if we maintain the gravity of the club.
  • As we all know before purchasing or joining any club or academy 80% of the people read online reviews on the internet. Better gravity of your club will get you positive reviews online.
  • If you earn mouth to mouth marketing don’t screw it up because its something money cantbuy. Its all trust, passion and loyalty.

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