Real Madrid’s best is yet to come, says Gareth Bale

Three times Champions League winner Gareth Bale says,

If winning the champions league is described as a habit, then this Real Madrid side are delivering an era of dominance that is ranking them amongst the best ever. Real Madrid’s best is yet to come, says Gareth Bale after  their win against Juventus.


When the statement was made by the most expensive player in the team Gareth Bale then it also gives more depth to the statement because it is uttered without arrogance. He really means it. Since he has joined the club he was won the champions league title three times in just four years. This latest triumph is the most convincing and was achieved in his home city of Cardiff.


















“It’s a little bit more relaxed as we get used to it”. Bale said after the celebrations and how the players reacted after their astonishing 4-1 victory over a Juventus. They had conceded only three goals in 12 Champions League matches. It was their second final in three years. Even through the first half was dominated by them yet they were destroyed by Real in the second half. It was the kind of defeat that signals the end of something; the end perhaps for the ‘BBC’ defence of Barzagli, Bonucci and Chiellini stationed in front of Gianluigi Buffon.

Bale’s reply when asked whether this Real side already ranks alongside the Milan of 1988-90. The last to retain the European Cup and Liverpool who won it three times in five years from 1977 to 1981

“We have won three Champions Leagues in four seasons so we have to be in that category”. “All we can keep doing is keep working hard and hopefully there will be more to come,” Bale added. “I think we can get better. We are still quite young as a whole team and we have a great squad. We haven’t just got a great 11, we have a great squad so if any injuries come along there are other people who can do a job, we are strong at the moment, we are confident and the plan is to win more.”

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