About us

Our mission:

Started with a mission to help out the young struggling generation. To reach out players of their own level to discuss about their journey experiences, dos and dont’s.

The idea is to create an opportunity for the coming generation to fulfill their dream of turning into a pro.

Basically every young football fan wishes to become a professional player.
Starting their journey from school team or joining any academy, playing local or recognizable tournaments, watching their favorite stars or teams play, these are the major phases in life which forces one to go ahead and follow their passion as a career. But the sad truth is that not everyone is going to make it to the top. Only the ones who are willing to sacrifice enough, work hard and push themselves beyond their limits make it to the top. And that only by being consistent workers.

This website was started in October 2016. The prior motive of this website is to motivate and help push the young and future generations to follow their passion, believing in themselves and realizing their dream to reality. Apart from this we provide the day to day latest football news.
Here can be found some useful football facts. And answers to those personal questions, which youngsters usually have while wanting to pursue their career in this field.